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Final Expense Direct

​If you qualify, the government will only pay a $255 death benefit to your loved ones. With final expense life insurance, your loved ones, church or close friends can be assured the funds necessary to pay the balance of your funeral and burial expenses.

Pre- planning of your funeral and burial arrangements helps guarantee that your wishes are fulfilled without burdening your family financially. Pre-planning is also helpful if you have no immediate relatives or friends who can assume the responsibility for making these arrangements.

Some costs associated with final expenses include:

  • Cemetery Plot

  • Casket

  • Headstone and Engraving

  • Funeral Service

  • Wake/Visitation

  • Minister

  • Transportation

  • Legal Fees, probate costs

  • Physician and Hospital bills

  • Debts outstanding

  • Mortgage pay-off, car loans, credit card balances

This is only a small list of things that can be addressed with a final expense whole life plan.

Today's funerals are more expensive than ever.

Offering affordable whole life policies with your needs and budget in mind.

We offer affordable, whole life insurance plans with no medical exam required. No one will need to come to your home. We take care of the entire process, right over the telephone.