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Our "whole life" plans do not expire after a "term". Have protection when you need it most! Do not leave thousands of dollars of funeral expenses as a burden. Provide coverage for that day or leave a cash gift for your spouse, children or grandchildren.

Purchasing a policy for your parents can provide extra financial security against costs associated with their final expenses. You can also purchase a policy for your children or grandchildren as a loving gift of lifetime protection. We compare offers from the top rated life insurance companies based on your age and current health to get the best plans at the most affordable price, for you!

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Final expense life insurance is a type of insurance policy that is designed to pay funeral and burial expenses at the time of a loved one's passing.

Final expense life insurance plans can also pay for non-funeral related expenses such as medical bills, a mortgage or go directly to one's beneficiaries as a legacy gift, tax free.  The best part is there are choices that can be tailored to one's individual needs and budget.

​​Final expense insurance policy is peace of mind, for both the insured and their family. Nothing matters more than the love you have for each other. Your family will deeply appreciate that you thought about them far in advance of that tragic day. Whether it is a spouse, a child, a sibling or other close family member, they will appreciate that you thought of them and thought of reducing some or all of their financial burden.

Why Should It Matter To You?

Final expense policy takes the

funeral and burial arrangements

helps guarantee that your wishes are fulfilled without burdening your family financially. Pre-planning is also helpful if you have no immediate relatives or friends who can assume the responsibility for making these arrangements.

Many people feel that buying life insurance does not help them. After all, the death benefit occurs after a loved one dies. Therefore, one cannot realize any benefit. This is not completely true. You can benefit in a number of ways.

You have the option of donating the funds to their church or favorite charity. Many people will find that this policy is one of the best tools to protecting their family’s financial future. After all, you may not want to be a burden to your family financially after you have passed.

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your needs and budget in mind.

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  • Cemetery Plot
  • Casket
  • Headstone and Engraving
  • Funeral Service
  • Wake/Visitation
  • Minister
  • Transportation
  • Legal Fees, probate costs
  • Physician and Hospital bills
  • Debts outstanding
  • Mortgage pay-off, car loans, credit card balances

We offer affordable, whole life insurance plans with no medical exam required. No one will need to come to your home. We take care of the entire process, right over the telephone.

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Final Expense Direct is committed to representing our customers in their search. Final expense whole life policies are an important part of one's financial and retirement planning. We work with our companies to look for the best, most affordable whole life coverage that we are able to secure, the entire time, understanding our customers needs and budget.

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